Sik Gaek [NYC]

Thinking of a visit to NYC? Put this place in your schedule for an exotic fun experience! Good time guaranteed.
For FRESH seafood lovers: Watch this video clip, “Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations with David Chang.” We went to Sik Gaek only for this LIVE octopus and seafood hot pot.

However, we were only two, so couldn’t try all the menus we wanted to have (portions are big here, so visit in a group of four at least); instead, we ordered fresh steamed seafood in a gigantic pot. We chickened out at the last minute! But! we will be definitely getting ready for this exciting challenge another time. Check this out:

So here’s the picture of what we had: fresh steamed seafood in a ginormous pot. Our waiter made a Korean noodle soup in the pot, after most of the seafood was eaten . More food??! Impossible for us to finish this pot of four people.

Two freshly steamed scallops in it!

Waiter service for Snow crab & Dungeness crab

For those who like other Korean foods or those who are not seafood lovers:

It is one of the best Korean restaurants that I have tried in years in a way that everything was authentically Korean. Hot steamed egg pot was very Korean in perfection, along with the right serving temperature and its unique flavor. The taste of Kimchi was also as authentic as it could be. There are millions of Korean food choices in Sik Gaek, including Korean BBQ, bulgogi, bibimbob, green onion pancake, and many more. People who ordered non-seafood items looked satisfied as well. Sik Gaek is a great fun place to visit, not just for seafood lovers. Found a review here

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16129 Crocheron Ave Map.3369ea5
Flushing, NY 11358

Sik Gaek on Urbanspoon


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