Pikolo Espresso Bar

Pikolo Espresso Bar

When I ordered a coffee (americano) at Pikolo for the first time last summer, it was sour to my taste so I talked to the barista. He told me that it was the first day to start using that specific kind of coffee beans and let me try their drip coffee instead. That was sour to me again, and he made me a latte: how nice. I was impressed that he made me three different coffees with smile. Thereafter I have been coming to Pikolo for my cup o’joe, here I am to share the love with everyone.

1. Check it out how beautifully Pikolo baristas make lattes with care. You can satisfy your need to have various latte arts, depending on the barista – it’s not only fun, but I also never get bored with the same latte every day 😉

(Click any picture for bigger & better image)

IMG_3494 IMG_3558 IMG_3587 IMG_3617 IMG_3718 IMG_3736 IMG_3769 IMG_3787 IMG_3789 IMG_3820

IMG_3680 IMG_3685IMG_3827 IMG_3853 IMG_3861

2. More importantly, some of Pikolo’s baristas seem to genuinely care about customers: whether each one of the customers enjoys their coffee by glancing at their face after having a sip or whether a table is ready for customers to sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee during busy times. It’s good to feel that not everything is about exchanging a product with the associated monetary gains.

3. Pikolo offers amazing baked goods: cookies, muffins, scones, and many other kinds. These mouth-watering baked goods are not the regular kinds that you can find in other coffee shops, in that most of them are less sweet, baked onsite (so I can enjoy warm cookies!!). They are fresh and delicious; selections vary daily. Again, Pikolo cares about customers’ well-being.


Triple chocolate mini lava cake: can you see gooey chocolatey lava inside?


Homemade apple sauce & granola with vanilla yogurt


Pistachio & Apricot cookie (best one!)


I’d call it an OMG cookie because I had to say OMG! at the first bite.


Chocolate Banana bread: really not sweet yet moist, light, and nutty. This one was nicely warmed up in the oven for me 😉


Apricot & Apple Granola bar


Fig & Five Spice cookie


Cookies are awesome here!


Gluten-free brownie from AlmondButterfly.

mini pecan tart

Mini pecan tart

Here’s a picture of cute London Fog:

pikolo london fog


Enjoy teas at Pikolo as well!

Interesting book about Australian cafes’ business philosophy and their crazy love for great coffee at Pikolo

machiatto pikolo


4. Pikolo offers a stamp card for you: any kind or size of coffee you want is free every 9th stamp. It is a nice feature for daily coffee lovers, I’m loving it.

5. It is pretty difficult to find an independent coffee shop with both great coffee and the capacity to accommodate a fairly large number of people (Having a long chat with friends? No problem here!). Pikolo is definitely one of those satisfying both in a warm, inviting, and hip ambiance, with free Wi-fi and electric outlets underneath each table.

In many ways, Pikolo is the Montrealers’ favorite pick! LOVE 😀

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