Grand Electric [Toronto]

Grand Electric around 6pm. Whoa!! There was already a lineup!  Waiting time to get to a table in their patio was about 45 minutes – of course we preferred the outside because it was nice evening under the sunset in the late summer, with great smell from big charcoal BBQ grills (wait, this is a well-known taco place, not for BBQ!)

First, we ordered refreshing drinks: the Grand Electric Sour and bourbonade.

And then came the Spicy Squid topped with avocados and hot green pepper. Basically we devoured this dish within seconds! – yes, we were dying of hunger after the long wait!! Yummy but it definitely needed a kick to it, just like its name, SPICY SQUID!!! 😛 But it’s OK: my fave deep fried squid along with this nice color contrast will do 🙂

Next. Can’t go wrong with anything made of marinated pork belly in a soft tortilla and a wedge of juicy lime. Oh and pineapple whose sweetness really goes well with any kind of meat, I believe. YUM.

This Pig Tail taco was surprisingly, shockingly, good. It’s a sweetened pulled pork patty served with guacamole paste and pickled peppers.

Scrapple taco. Again, a rectangle piece of meat. This time we didn’t like it because of its gelatinous and fatty texture of the rectangular-shaped unknown meat mixture. So we kinda searched what scrapple was: (from Wikipedia ) “Scrapple … is traditionally a mush of pork scraps and trimmings combined with cornmeal and wheat flour, often buckwheat flour, and spices.” Sorry, a mush of scraps and trimmings was not so appetizing for us! Anyone who enjoys this scrapple dish, please let us know how to enjoy it better please 🙂

Grand Electric - Grilled green onionsSo we ordered grilled smoky green onions!

Last and the last, Baja fish taco: deep-fried battered fish topped with coleslaw and a bit of crunch from radish. It was lightly crispy well-done deep fried fish. Delish!

HAHA and dessert! Key lime and chocolate pecan pie in small mason jars. It is an interesting trend to make desserts in mason jars these days; in order to fully appreciate these little sweets, we just need to scoop harder all the way down to the bottom for everything sweet and delicious – but I still love more labor-intensive traditional pies 😉 Candied pecans on top of the chocolate pecan “pie” were awesome as always roasted nuts make me nuts about them. Mmmmmm!! Love this place! 🙂

Grand Electric

(416) 627-3459
1330 Queen St. W. Map.aca3aec
Toronto, ON M6K1L4

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