Sariwon Korean BBQ (Thornhill, ON)

7 side dishes, two kinds of salad, pile of lettuce, bowl of rice, and savory tofu soup

Yes, we went to Sariwon Korean BBQ to taste its famous Kalbi, beef short rib marinated in Korean special soy sauce mixture. Two servings include, for each :

  1. warm roasted barley tea in a Korean traditional cup made of fine China
  2. a small plate of iceberg salad with amazing ‘fresh orange’ dressing
  3. seven tasty authentic Korean side dishes (ask more if needed)
  4. two big racks of rib
  5. a big basket of fresh clean lettuce (you can ask more as well)
  6. savory Korean bean paste tofu soup in a pot
  7. a bowl of rice (good quality rice)
  8. chilled ginger brewed beverage (variation of traditional cold dessert, soo-jung-gwa)

The meal was phenomenal since it is quite rare in Montreal to experience authentic Korean flavor. Usually many menus are Westernized. So, many of those who appreciate Korean food and its culture avoid going to Korean restaurants. It is said that bad Korean restaurants (or any Asian eatery) make you thirsty 2-3 hours after eating because they use MSG a lot. We didn’t feel like drinking water at all like we did after eating a well-known Korean restaurant in K-town, Toronto, last Friday – we finished 1.5 L of a bottled water that night.

Ready to dig in!!

Wrap like Koreans!

Grilled meat places in Korea always have waitresses ready to grill and cut the meat into bite sizes, so that customers can just watch and enjoy! Sariwon follows that Korean custom, we gladly enjoyed the nice service by our waitress 😀

Korean bean paste tofu soup – it was savory: a well-made authentic deon-jang jji-gae.

We paid $70, including tax & tip, which was pretty expensive Korean lunch, but was worth it! Loved the unique service, we are definitely going back whenever feeling like having Korean BBQ.  Sariwon was the best place ever for K-BBQ so far!

  • everything on the table was FRESH, well-made with care
  • great service
  • elegant upscale Korean BBQ restaurant decor
  • seven side dishes plus two different salads
  • Korean bean paste tofu soup which gives the authentic tradition – Koreans have it with grilled meat almost always.
  • run by Koreans

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