The Burger’s Priest

Massive double cheese burger with deep fried portobello mushroom stuffed with garlic cheese… wait I’m not done yet, then placed between 2 grilled cheese sandwiches! DELICIOUS!

This burger, called the tower of babel, is off the menu. It was definitely the top notch, but our guess is that this burger is C$18. Whoa!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We paid C$30 including tax for one (being afraid of heart failure someday) burger, two soda, and small chilli cheese fries, which was made of salty dry fries, OK chilli, and grated cheddar (not worth of an order). Yes, we paid and had to leave right away since they don’t have the eating area – customers are only allowed to wait for their burgers at The Burger’s Priest, sitting on four small stools or standing outside. If it was the winter season, we’d eat the burger in the car, which is not nice at all but at least fresh and hot! Or drive back home through the Toronto traffic jam, have a lukewarm burger. Customer service is entirely “forbidden” in The Burger’s Priest.

Yet, no one could resist this delicious burger treat.

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