Toque has a reputation of excellence in its exquisite culinary art.  It was certainly elegant posh dinner – we realized a dinner at Toque was way too expensive for us right after the check arrived to our table!! Yet a phenomenal restaurant, we believe, though my boyfriend loved Joebeef much more haha.

What we had here was ( click any picture for bigger image ) :

Fresh oyster with soy jelly and cucumber

Fresh foamy corn mousse with coarse salt on top

Sea urchin cream with watermelon water on top of a mixture of oyster, radish, soy sauce, and wild ginger

Fresh crab meat on edamame beans with slightly cooked egg, grissini bread, salmon roe, Parmesan

Foie gras with fresh corn cream, cauliflower puree,Quebec maple syrup, corn stuffed brioche and fried quiona

Sliced seared sashimi tuna with puffball mushroom, vegetables,and honey butter cream

Excellent roast squab (a little domestic pigeon raised in one of two farms in Quebec)

Tomato sorbet and assorted Quebec cheese with tomato jellies, tomato crumb, tomato fruit paste

Caramel crisp with wild ginger sorbet, ice cream, fruit syrup, and berries

Mini hazelnut macarons


(514) 499-2084
Old Montréal
900 Pl Jean-Paul-Riopelle
Montréal, QC H2Y3X7

Toqué! on Urbanspoon



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