Café Le Couteau/The Knife

Le Couteau/The Knife

Slightly more expensive than other independent coffee shops in Montreal, but probably it’s for their customer friendly interior: two huge tables for laptop users – of course, free Wi-fi and electrical outlets right under the tables (nice), completely relaxing layout including seated corners and wooden tables, clean and bright ambiance, super nice and friendly staff, and surprisingly clean spacious two washrooms. I can see Le Couteau cares about its customers carefully.

Latte comes in one size with double shots of the 49th Parallel espresso. It was deep and rich and yummilicious! They don’t steam milk until hot: appropriately low temperature of steamed milk makes one good latte, according to a member of the staff – I happened to have a relatively very hot latte yesterday from a well-known cafe (my favorite barista doesn’t work on weekends), and they were right!: the hot latte had not much flavor but the slight bitterness from espresso. Yet, suit yourself, you can always order “extra hot” latte at Le Couteau 🙂

Le Couteau’s delicious baked goods are from Sweet Lee’s Rustic Bakery – I’m actually a big fan of their various kinds of muffins and croissants. I can’t wait to try Le Couteau’s capp with delish Sweet Lee’s almond croissant on the next visit soon! 😀

Note: Le Couteau controls a temperature at 68˚F inside the cafe and filtered water is always available!

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Coffee drinkers need more water, fresh water, and Le Couteau has a filtered water faucet for its customers. With lots of tall glasses. Sweet!

Le Couteau/The Knife Cafe Latte

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Le Couteau / The Knife
(514) 940-0444
Plateau Mont-Royal
4627 St-Denis Map.3035d9b
Montreal, QC H2J2L3


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