Kaza Maza

Kaza Maza - Kefta with pomegranate tahini sauce

We had exceptional Syrian dinner at Kaza Maza. Every dish was amazlicious~~!

What we had here was:

Great olives and pickled peppers which were not salty for us

Mutabbal Beets: Roasted beets puree, tahini, lemon and garlic garnished with parsley and olive oil

Kaza Maza - Dolma Yalanij Stuffed Zuchinni

Dolma Yalanij Stuffed Zuchinni: Zucchini stuffed with rice, vegetables,pine nuts and raisins

Kaza Maza - Mousaqa'a

Mousaqa’a: Fried eggplant, peppers, onions, tomatoes simmered in tomato sauce, topped with yogurt cheese and coriander

Kaza Maza -

Lamb shank with Friki: Lamb shank, smoked whole wheat and roasted almonds, garlic and raisins. Came with cucumber yogurt sauce with mint

Kaza Maza - Kefta with pomegranate tahini sauce

Kefta with pomegranate, tahini: grilled minced lamb balls (kefta) with pistachios, walnuts and onions, simmered in pomegranate molasses and tahini sauce, topped with parsley and pomegranate.

The first three dishes on top are called “cold mezzes,” Mediterranean antipasti or tapas, which came with two fresh pitas for each –  hot mezzes are on the menu too. I usually don’t eat more than one pita, believe me, none of the pitas was left when we finished all the three mezzes. LOL (Nope! Don’t ask..)

And the mains, lamb shank with friki and kefta with tahini (sesame paste) and pomegranate. Without trying them out, how would you guys feel what they taste like?! – gotta feel it here. We would just like to describe them simply: lamb was fork-tender and friki had good amount of spices which gave great flavors; and kefta had toasted pistachios & walnuts in the meatball with its shockingly delicious rich sauce. Fell in love with Syrian cuisine already..

The service was very good. We loved the waitress who talked like a good friend. One thing though, the restaurant got very busy after 9 pm, and there was only one waitress. So it was a bit too long to wait for the check and dessert menu, we decided not to try them at the last minute. But anything was fine. We were truly pleased with the food and service by the time we were about to leave.

Anyone out there who hasn’t tried Syrian food! Please take a visit to Kaza Maza! You’ll thank yourself for the choice to read this review with a big smile! 🙂

Kaza Maza
(514) 844-6292
Plateau Mont-Royal
4629 Park AveMap.aca3aec
Montréal, QC H2V4E4
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