Tourtière Australienne

Lamb Rogan Josh Pie

Mushy Peas

Ned Kelly, BBQ sauce, bacon, sausage, corn, egg

Lamington Cake

Did you know one of the most popular street food in Australia is meat pies? They are delicious and filling: what would a hungry crowd need more than that? Tourtière Australienne is definitely a great place to visit if you feel like eating good meat pies, which are made by Australian traditions with care. If you like homey feeling like us, you’ll like this place as well 😉

Their flaky pies with different sauces with tender chunks of meat (beef, lamb, etc.) were so good indeed. Though we didn’t try a well-known Australian dish, “the floating pie,” a meat pie floating on green pea soup (next time for sure!), we tried Lamington cake – please google it now 😉 There are a few descriptions about the historical origins of Australian street food items on the wall, interesting reads.

So at Tourtière Australienne, you can find various kinds of meat pies with different sauces in two sizes: mini and 6 inches. Also, they sell frozen ones which are not cooked yet, so just pop them in the oven! (nice to bring a couple of them for Sunday family dinner) Here’s the list of their homey yummy pies:

Don’t forget to try their scrumptious homemade desserts as well 🙂

Many kinds of baked goodies = homey awww

Pavlova mmm!

Cute ketchup bottle! (yet ginormous :O)

Tourtière Australienne
(514) 277-7437
Plateau Mont-Royal
4520 Ave Du ParcMap.9b00f83
Montreal, QC H2V4E5

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