Osteria Venti

Having followed Venti’s executive chef, Michele Forgione, on Twitter, we learned that his warm friendly personality and endearing passion for his career stood out. Also Venti was just announced as the 2012 winner of Best Italian restaurant in Montreal from Question de Gout then. We couldn’t help but visiting Venti, loved by many foodie Montrealers evermore!!

What we had at Venti was (please click any picture to see how beautiful they are) :

  1. Salumi fatti in casa (house cured meats)
  2. Insalata Di Polipo (octopus salad)
  3. Cansunziei all’ampezzana (beet ravioli)
  4. Pappardelle al farro con funghi misti Chanterelle (pappardelle with Chanterelle)
  5. Porchetta with anjou pear
  6. Cavolfiore arrostiti (pan roasted cauliflower)
  7. Insalata di arugula e parmigiano (arugula salad)
  8. Desserts: panna cotta, tiramisu, and torta caprese
  9. Cappuccino and latte

1. Salumi fatti in casa (homemade cured meats) : 6 month cured procuitto, smoked cured porchetta, duck breast, salami, and pepperoni.

Venti - Salumi fatti in casa homemade cured meats

Salumi fatti in casa

2. Octopus salad: it is one of the Venti’s popular menu which is the mix of braised octopus, sliced fennel, potato, capers, red onion, and good olive oil. When you have a bite, you’ll know how delicious it is in perfection. A must antipasti along with house cured meat platter. Can’t get enough of them!

Insalata Di Polipo

3. Beet filled ravioli, sage butter, poppy seeds: of course we wanted to try Chef Forgione’s fresh ravioli, but the one not filled with meat inside for the night. Delicate and savory: flawless in our mind.

Cansunziei all’ampezzana

Venti - Cansunziei all’ampezzana beet filled ravioli, butter,

Isn’t this beauuutiful?!!

3. Spelt flour pappardelle with Chanterelle & wild oyster mushroom: rich creamy wild mushroom sauce was nicely combined with fresh spelt pappardelle, plus the aroma of Chanterelle. Mmmmm.

Pappardelle al farro con funghi misti Chanterelle

4. Porchetta with poached Anjou pear : shockingly delish!

Suckling pig’s shoulder roasted with fennel seed and pepperoncino in perfection; poached Anjou pear cooked with a touch of sweet fruity white wine. The inner part was as succulent as it could be, the crispy skin was just so well-done that I had to close my eyes while enjoying a mouthful goodness. It was the most delectable porchetta experience in my life 🙂

Porchetta with anjou pear

5. Yes, we needed some vegetable dish, and our choice went to pan roasted white and Roman cauliflower.

Cavolfiore arrostiti

6. Also needed fresh salad to complement the ever succulent porchetta: simple salad of arugula, Parmesan, olive oil, and lemon juice. It was again so well-made that there was nothing to complain about: baby arugula was fresh and a slightly sweet kind instead of strong peppery taste; Parmesan was in excellent quality; the lemon dressing was not too lemony nor oily, seasoned just right.

Insalata di arugula e parmigiano

7. Yes yes yes! Awaiting dessert time~! All of them are housemade, we gladly tried three kinds: panna cotta, tiramisu, and torta caprese (decadent almond chocolate torte with Amaretto).

Awaiting dessert time!

Each of them was delightful in a homey yet divine kind of way. OMG!

Venti - Tiramisu


Venti - Panna cotta

Panna Cotta with berries

Venti - Cappuccino


Venti - Torta Caprese

Torta Caprese

We are definitely coming back! Stay tuned for the next more complete dinner review! 😉

Date of Review: January 4 2013

Pictures posted on October 7 2012


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