L’Auberge Saint-Grabriel



What we had here at L’Auberge Saint-Gabriel was (click any picture for bigger & better image):

  1. fine quality bread
  2. two appetizers
  3. two mains
  4. two desserts
  5. coffee with some simple baked goods

1. Fine quality bread on the table

FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6701 FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6705 FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6708

2. appetizers #1


Pork croquette, blood pudding club sandwich, and apple & potato salad

FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6716 FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6713

appetizer #2


Québec beets roasted and puree, fennel goat milk yogurt, blackberries, goat cheese coated with toasted sugar pecan crumb and bitter orange marmalade.

3. main #1


Slow-roasted cod, forbidden rice, escabeche of mussels/peppers/chorizo, cod brandade cromesqui and poulette sauce with saffron


Cod Brandade Cromesqui: deep-fried ball of salt cod in olive oil!

main #2


Tender-crisp guinea fowl, smooth squash purée, mix of cooked fruit and vegetables, marmalade legs “coq au vin” style.

4. dessert #1


After Eight Style Mint Chocolate dessert: truffle-like dark chocolate on top of chocolate mousse with dollop of mint cream. Decadent!

dessert #2


Egg white island with vanilla, praline, caramel and gold flakes!


5. coffee and baked goods

FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6801 FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6804 FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6808 FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6794 FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6793 FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6791


FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6836 FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6816 FB_aubergesaintgabriel-6813


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