Passion Fruit Pulled Pork Sandwich: The pork is marinated in passion fruit juice, white wine, spices and garlic for 48 hours, then slow cooked for another 12 hours. Served inside a grilled wheat flour and yogurt bun and topped with garlic and parsley mayo!

Bocadillo opens late until 4 am on weekends, perfect for satisfying late night snack craving! Two locations are available: one on St.Laurent above Prince Arthur, and the other on Mont-royal intersected with St. Laurent.

We had a full meal here about 11 pm after having had early dinner ha ha, but passion fruit pulled pork sandwich only made us happy with their imported soda (apple soda was good). Also, not to be missed, their tres leches was fantastic.

What we had here was (click any picture for bigger image and description):

  1. Passion fruit pulled pork sandwich
  2. Asado Negro Sandwich
  3. Tequenos (deep-fried cheese sticks)
  4. Beef Empanadas
  5. Tres leches for a dessert

Asado Negro Sandwich: Venezuelan roast beef simmered in a glaze of raw sugar cane melted in olive oil.


Beef Empanada: try shark meat empanada as well! Surprised myself!

Tres leches: Sponge cake topped with Dulce de Leche and soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk, and whole milk. DELISH!

(514) 227-4041
Plateau Mont-Royal
3677 Boulevard Saint-LaurentMap.b3928f6
Montreal, QC H2X

Bocadillo on Urbanspoon


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