Sweet Lee’s Rustic Bakery

Dark chocolate orange banana muffin: we found a chunk of banana in it!!

Here are some pictures of what you can have at Sweet Lee’s Rustic Bakery, with description. Please click any for bigger image.

Review is coming up after a couple more visits for their ever increasing number of new products!

Savoury Scone: spicy sausage, bacon, onion, rosemary or basil, and cheese

Triple chocolate cherry cookie with hint of chili spice

Sweet Lee’s Almond croissant

Roasted sweet potato & pecan in molasses with crystallized ginger cookie

Peanut butter & Banana muffin

Cherry and Plum muffin

Espresso chocolate croissant: Espresso chocolate in the middle YUM

Chocolate and Mint muffin

Two goodies that surprised us at the first visit!

Welcome everyone! 😀

Closed on Mondays.

Sweet Lee’s Rustic Bakery
(514) 885-3504
291 Rue Beaudoin Map.3035d9b
Montreal, QC H4C2Y3

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