Boulangerie La Niçoise [quick review]


Boulangerie La Niçoise

This lovely place opened around two weeks ago (info from our waitress), located on 2471 Notre Dame Ouest  (just in the same block with Joe Beef, Burgundy Lion, Itsi Bitsi, etc.)  When we stepped inside, it felt like we were in a big fancy traditional French dining room: dark wooden floor, high ceiling, massive chandeliers, antique furniture, and small tables with lovely table cloths. Nice and different!

Their menu seems pretty much French style cafe : pastries, croissant, and coffee. (It’s the first time, so we’ll update after more visits.)  Here’s what we ordered:


Ham and cheese croissant sandwich

It is a must recommended by our waitress; we agree that this simple ham and cheese croissant sandwich is flawless, somewhat distinguishable from Premiere Moisson that we love.


with latte


Raspberry croissant – this was our fourth order! Not French breakfast at all in terms of portion 😛


Maple croissant – our third order

Maple croissant is another must-have along with ham and cheese croissant sandwich.


Walnut bread toast with cold butter, and capp.

This plate of slices of toast was supposed to be my breakfast, but ended up ordering two more after having a bite of croissant sandwich!!

Note: Had OK latte and capp here. If you’re coffee lovers, there are Cafe Lili et Oli next to it, or Saint-Henri Microtorrefacteur a bit farther away toward the west.


Love the entrance 🙂


Nice brick wall and paintings


Bright inside, just lovely!

Boulangerie La Niçoise
(514) 507-0760
2471 Rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Montreal, QC

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4 thoughts on “Boulangerie La Niçoise [quick review]

  1. Thanks for this review. I live in the area and am interested in trying it. Just a note: the St-Henri café you mention is further WEST not east.

  2. I ate my best waffle in this bakery, so crispy outside and tender inside. This is real waffle make of yeast instead of (north amercian style) using baking powder. I also like very much their croissant with maple syrup, so delicious !!

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