GaNaDaRa [Authentic delicious Korean street food]

Ganadara - Padak

This is the third time we enjoyed GaNaDaRa!!  Click here to see our first visit to this restaurant

Here’s what we had:

Ganadara - Ham kimbob

Ham Kimbob

Kimbob is Korean rice roll, this one is with smoked ham (not Spam!).  So good. You can pick one you feel like among 5-6 different kinds of kimbob here.

Ganadara - Cheese Ramen

Cheese ramyun

Really delish, really Korean! Thick cheese broth stood out. Plus a slice of cheese on top 🙂

Ganadara - Padak

Padak (Amazing. Strongly recommended to anyone!)

Literally green onion & chicken. *Ultra crunchy delicious chicken* was excellent (very different from any similar deep fried chicken in other places e.g. karage), and a bunch of thin slices of green onion was unique. Loved this dish along with delicious sauce shown on the bottom left of the picture. *When Koreans eat meat, they like to have shredded green onion together especially at BBQ places.

Ganadara - Jjolmyun

Jjolmyun (google it for more images)

Real Korean street food challenge: this chewy noodle is really hot & spicy!! But also sweet and tangy (good jjolmyun is known to have the right balance between sweetness & tanginess) 😀 They have three different kinds of Korean spicy noodles. Gotta try them all soon!

Ganadara -

Tuppoki Poutine (see the rice cake in spicy sauce between mozzarella and fries? )

Poutine meets Tukppoki. Tukppoki is a Korean street food item made of rice cakes in uniquely spicy & somewhat sweet thick sauce. Shredded mozzarella on top of hot fries. Wow, it was good unexpectedly.

  • GaNaDaRa has a couple of Korean snack/dessert items which are not on the menu. One is called hoetuck, the other one is jjim-pang. Want! 
  • Takeout is always a good choice when the house is full. While we were eating, 6-7 people took their food to go. Order in bulk is OK here (I’m thinking of Korean night with GaNaDaRa’s food!)
  • Most items are $5-7.

(514) 933-2288
1862 Boul De Maisonneuve
Montreal, QC H3H1J9
GaNaDaRa on Urbanspoon


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