Restaurant Maïs

Restaurant Mais

Look how fresh these tacos are; tortillas are really soft & light. They are calling you..

Love tacos? I mean, who wouldn’t, right? Maïs opened its door to serve great tacos and drinks about a month ago, some Montrealers are already big fans excited about this place. So, we tried all of their tacos on the menu, an appetizer, today’s special, and two desserts for a Saturday taco night. Here’s what we had (click any picture for bigger image):

Restaurant Mais - Tostada de ceviche

Tostada de ceviche

Appetizer: Diced scallops, grapefruit, watercress & cilantro salad, housemade guacamole on tostada.

Grapefruit and scallop had a refreshing taste, but it seemed, when raw scallop was marinated with grapefruit or other type of vinaigrette which might have been added, the scallop lost its juice and became a bit fishy (you can see some liquid under the ceviche in the picture) I think the scallop was fresh, it could just be the same case as, when raw fish is touched by water (here grapefruit juice possibly) and served, they tend to smell or get fishy. I could be wrong, though! 😛

Restaurant Mais

We sat in front of two chefs (and owners: Gilbert MacNutt, William Cody) who were busy making countless tacos yet kindly explained to us how each taco was made with what ingredient. You know what? I loved that!

Restaurant Mais - Pork belly taco

Pork belly taco

Housemade crema (Mexican crème fraîche, according to the chef), braised thick cut pork belly with pickled black beans, watercress & cilantro salad, with a bit of spicy chili slices. Well-combined texture on soft steamy tortilla. YUM

Restaurant Mais - Roasted squash taco

Roasted squash taco

On roasted pumpkin seed pesto, roasted squash & housemade “ricotta cheese” with spoonful of sunflower & pumpkin seeds. Awesome.

Restaurant Mais - Carnita taco

Carnita taco (pulled pork taco)

Who wouldn’t drool on Carnita taco!!

Restaurant Mais - Mushroom taco

Mushroom taco (Our best pick of the day, ordered twice!)

Housemade “spicy” jalapeno crema (incredible), sauteed/browned mushroom and fresh mushroom, cilantro, and jalapeno salad on top. One of the best tacos for the night.

Restaurant Mais - Artic  Char Taco

Fish taco (with Arctic char)

Individually pan-seared Arctic char on top of housemade guacamole, pickled cabbage & carrot. Nice.

Restaurant Mais - Squid Taco

Charred squid taco (our best pick of the day, ordered twice!)

Charred onion & jalapeno salsa (amazing), charred squid (shockingly delicious), pickled red onion, and a few cilantro leaves. This taco was like a flavour bomb to us.

Restaurant Mais - Chicken wings

Chicken wings in homemade Mexican chili sauce (today’s special menu)

24 hour brined chicken wings were oven baked and covered with housemade Mexican chili sauce and pickled jalapeño. Asked some extra spicy chili slices and enjoyed burning sensation lol

Restaurant Mais

Extra chili slices. Beware.

Restaurant Mais - Cucumber lime paleta

Cucumber & lime paleta

A twist to traditional Mexican popsicle! Cucumber scent, lime flavour ice stick with crushed sweet chilies (red dots in the picture). It cooled down my palate excessively exposed to extra spicy chicken wings.

Restaurant Mais - Almond cake & Dehydrated pear filled with dulce de leche

Almond cake & Dehydrated pear filled with dulce de leche

Dehydrated pear filled with dulce de leche was special, almond cake was nicely done yet not too sweet. It was a nice ending of the meal 🙂

  • Maïs has a list of Mexican cocktails as well, which are popular already. 
  • The service is super (they also replace plates & flatware for you between each order)
  • Friendly staff make you actually feel comfy, all of them.
  • Every taco is fresh because, when the order is in, they START cooking meat/fish/squid and making salad except housemade condiments.
  • Refreshing paletas are a must try (pumpkin, dark chocolate, etc.), and one of the staff is the owner of La Catrina.
  • No reservation needed, be early if you don’t want to wait for a table for long.
  • Cash only.

Date visited: January 5, 2013

Restaurant Maïs
(514) 507-7740
5439 Blvd St-Laurent
Montreal, QC H2T1A5

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