Bouillon Bilk


Bite size of “terrine of foie gras” (not sure the exact name), fresh fig, chocolate crumbles (sand texture), and artichoke purée an amuse bouche: this made us excited about the entire dinner! It was elegant and tasty.


Burrata cheese, endive, speck, grilled housemade flatbread. Unfortunately very chewy grilled flatbread didn’t work with other ingredients. Wouldn’t order special menu for salad next time.


Not a big fan of cilantro infused drinks.. Frankly we barely finished half.


Veal tongue, Stracchino cheese, black trumpet mushroom, horseradish, lemon with housemade linguini: SO delicious we could have this everyday.


Pan-fried Guinea fowl breast, foie gras, creamed polenta, Porcini mousse with coffee, dates, walnuts: fantastically crusted skin, juicy tender perfectly cooked meat! It has been on the menu for a long time for popularity. Mmmm.


Veal sirloin, crispy veal sweetbreads, celeriac puree, brussels sprout, chanterelle mushroom, lentils, pepper sauce: another flavourful dish in the house. Juicy tender veal sirloin was mouthwatering. (Though we were slightly disappointed at the appearance/presentation of green lentils on top.)


Flavourful every bite.


Pear cake with white chocolate mousse, buttered nuts, lemon gelatin (transparent ones), spices

With a cool unpretentious waitress, had delicious dinner. Will definitely come back.

Bouillon Bilk

1595 Saint Laurent 
Montreal, QC

(514) 845-1595

Mon – Fri: 11:30 am – 11:00 pm

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