Olive et Gourmando

Our favorite in Olive et Gourmando is banana chocolate brioche. We once took pictures of what we had and posted here.

The following pictures show our Saturday afternoon bite 🙂 – Banana chocolate brioche was sold out when we got there in the afternoon, we’ll come next time at 7 am to get it first!!!


Snickers Bar around $4 + tax


Cream of celery soup. Never knew celery soup could be this delicious. $6 + tax


The Reubenesque: Smoked meat, housemade sauerkraut, aged cheddar and secret mustard. $10.95 + tax


Organic romaine, parmesan, caper, croutons, grain-fed chicken breast Caesar salad with bacon! $16  (or $18 sorry can’t remember for sure) + tax


The Attack of the Killer Chocolates cookie. Get ready for white, dark and milk chocolate overload 😉 about $4 + tax

To us, EVERYTHING is good here, but if you’re a newbie, try their panini and banana chocolate brioche! Their latte and hot chocolate is also good with any item you choose to order! 😛

Olive et Gourmando

351 Rue St-Paul O
Montreal, QC

Tue – Sat: 8:00 am – 6:00 pm

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