Tuck Shop Montreal

Finally made it to Tuck Shop! Everything was literally delicious, now understand why Tuck Shop is always within Top 5 in the Urbanspoon fine dining range in Montreal.

Here’s what we had:

  1. Sour dough bread with cold butter
  2. Tonic mixed beverage
  3. Beef tartar with porcini aioli, grelot chips, remoulade and crostini
  4. Crispy pork belly with aged gouda
  5. THE pork chop
  6. Deboned chargrilled Mediterranean bass
  7. Salted caramel cheese cake in a ginormous mason jar

Sour dough bread with cold butter


Tonic mixed beverage. Really good ones! Some places don’t make good ones.


Beef tartar.

Incredibly delicious one (compare and see how good it is!) with porcini aioli, grelot chips, remoulade and crostini.


Crispy pork belly with aged gouda cheese.

Crispy pork belly with oyster mushroom, topped with Chiogga beets on top, and aged gouda sauce. Good, just wish the inside of crispy pork belly was tender and not dry.


Pork chop.

Smoked first, and then grilled, I believe. Smokey flavourful, mouthful goodness. Confirmed as one of our favorite dishes in Montreal!


Chargrilled Mediterranean bass.

With lentils, soffritto, rapini, currants, pickled red onions, roasted pine nuts, hot chilli pepper, kalamata olives and tzatziki sauce.

A chargrilled whole fish with medley of flavours. Deboned inside, worth every $.


Pork chop again. Because it is so delicious.

With home fries, braised red cabbage with bacon, maple reduction glaze, apple and mustard seed compote.


Salted caramel cheese cake.

Browned butter, salted caramel cheesecake in a huge mason jar. Frankly first time had cheesecake in a jar (much lighter texture than regular cheesecake). It was fun experience.


See you soon, Tuck Shop!



  • Slightly less expensive appetizers compared to other $$$$ restos, yet most delicious;
  • Easy parking on the street;
  • No dress code, just be comfy;
  • Good music, nice sound quality;
  • Cozy place;
  • Could become a bit so noisy (happy crowds are loud) that you miss some words of your waitress. (By asking to repeat, in her briefly mentioning the special menu with prices, we had to hear what was hanger steak. LOL)

Tuck Shop MTL

4662 Rue Notre-Dame O 
Montreal, QC


Tuck Shop on Urbanspoon


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