Barque Smokehouse

Rainy cloudy day here today, and feel like having good BBQ for dinner 🙂 Here’s some pictures of what we had in Barque Smokehouse (one of the top notch BBQ places in Toronto).


Nice cozy comfy place. The service was superb. I always think that it’s the service which makes us come back to the same place.

IMG_0960 IMG_0961

Wanted to try beef ribs so bad, but they were not available for lunch. But nice easygoing staff consoled me with funny gestures & jokes (not shown here!) FS_barque-9719

‘real’ BBQ from Oklahoma. Love the dry rubs? I do!


A bucket of popcorn. unlimited & free 😀


Half rack of baby ribs with choice of two sides. And three different sauces 
Fries were too salty for us, so our waiter gave us a bowl of new fries without any difficulty! The staff were all smiling there. Extra nice ambiance from happy people.


Beef brisket sandwich with red cabbage slaw, fried onions, & horseradish mayo.


What’s interesting here: they give us a brush and we apply three different sauces on the ribs. Feels like total customization on my ribs  Loved it!

Barque Smokehouse

299 Roncesvalles Ave
Toronto, ON

Barque Smokehouse on Urbanspoon


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