Forno Cultura


Among all these authentic, traditional Italian goodies (made of organic flours), their biscottis are especially savoury and top-notch. Love their pistachio biscottis (biscotto) so much, but there are many more different varieties, e.g. sundried tomato, current, etc. Remember the name, Forno Culture, and come visit when you’re in town. It’s a beautiful place 🙂

FB_fornocultura-9753 FB_fornocultura-9758 FB_fornocultura-9759 FB_fornocultura-9765 FB_fornocultura-9767 FB_fornocultura-9772 FB_fornocultura-9776 FB_fornocultura-9777 FB_fornocultura-9781 FS_fornocultura-9859 FS_fornocultura-9866 FS_fornocultura-9872 FS_fornocultura-9881 FS_fornocultura-9884 FS_fornocultura-9890 FS_fornocultura-9897

Forno Cultura

609 King Street W
Beneath Wvrst
Toronto, ON M5V 1M5


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