Porchetta & Co.


One of must-tries in Toronto. Probably many of you have heard about porchetta sandwiches at Porchetta & Co. in Toronto. Whenever we had wanted to visit, it was closed, and finally we could try this time 🙂 If anyone wonders how Porchetta & Co. make their porchetta, visit http://www.porchettaco.com

FB_porchetta-9919 FB_porchetta-9924

Rapini $3.95 + tax


Roasted potato $2.95 + tax


The hearsay was true: delicious every bite! Also the amazing buns made a GREAT sandwich 🙂


House special: truffle sauce (*amazing*), Parmesan shaves, hot sauce, mustard, 4 oz porchetta and crackling on buns.


Yesssss!! Ordered 1 lb of porchetta, a box of crackling came with it (still drooling..). That’s right, I’m sure I’ll order two pounds next time 😉


Beautiful Portugese buns at Caldense Bakery.

I believe that one of the crucial factor that makes a great sandwich is selection of buns. The buns that Porchetta & Co. used were so perfect with their porchetta and truffle sauce that I asked if they could sell the buns separately. Thankfully I was told that there was a Portugese bakery across the street, called Caldense where we got the delicious buns for 40 cent each. (The buns are somewhat different from ciabatta bread: less dense surface, more fluffy, less chewy inside. I love sandwich with ciabatta, but everybody is making ciabatta bread sandwiches including me!) Smelling deep in a bag of these fresh Portugese buns really made me happy. Appreciate Porchetta & Co. for the buying information, and hope any of you who wishes to make sandwiches with these buns enjoy at home 🙂

Porchetta & Co.

Tue – Sat: 11:30 am – 9:00 pm

825 Dundas Street West, Toronto, Ontario

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