SOMA Chocolatemaker


SOMA is located in beautiful Distillery District in Toronto. We passed by a new location on King Street to visit the original one here! (artisan chocolate pieces $2 each and gelato)


It was a drizzling day.


Love the street signs and brick walls.


FB_soma-9796 FB_soma-9804 FS_soma-9808

All servers were really nice, especially a person wearing glasses who seems to be a manager was likely to master the art of “customer relationship management”. The way she speaks, tone of her voice, eye contact, smiles, everything was impressibly pleasant. So I’m thinking of coming here for Christmas gift shopping for family πŸ™‚




Salted hazelnut and blueberry & basil gelato. Truly amazing flavour. Let’s call it a flavour bomb! πŸ˜€


Tried 5 pieces in the shop, and bought 7 pieces in a small box for a family member who LOVES chocolate πŸ™‚

FS_soma-9826 FS_soma-9833

My favorite is here: 8 year old balsamic vinegar truffle. The one behind it, covered with white paper, is browned butter truffle. A server put an unwrapped one first, and it fell (due to its cylinder shape) on the table when the plate was lifted. The manager saw it, asked the server to switch to a new wrapped one, and nicely talked to me while I was waiting to pay. Regardless of the fact that we as customers don’t know if the dropped truffle will be put on another customer’s plate, I was impressed by the manager’s congeniality. Small things matter πŸ˜›


That’s right, salted caramel. Chewy caramel with dark chocolate. Mmmm..


Pecan & toffee in milk chocolate.

SOMA Chocolatemaker

Distillery District location:
32 Tank House Lane beside Soulpepper theater
Toronto Ontario 416.815.7662
Mon-Sat: 10am -8pm
Sun: 11am-6pm

King Street location:
443 King Street West (Spadina/King)
Toronto Ontario 416.599.7662
Mon-Wed: 9am-8pm
Thurs-Fri: 9am-9:30pm
Sat: 12pm-9:30pm
Sun: closed

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