Had a list of a few restaurants to try for dinner in Toronto, asked a food blogger friend Caroline (@CarolineJBecker on twitter). “Beast all the way!  You won’t regret!” Thanks to her strong recommendation, each dish was flavourful. However unfortunately we had an heated argument on some trivial matter throughout the dinner (Ha ha, *couple fight*), the pictures taken were managed to be O.K. (slightly blurry) to show you guys here and we couldn’t talk much with our waitress to ask more about the dishes we tried. But next time will be better! 😛

Here’s what we had:

  1. “poutine” $10
  2. fried pickle, ranch dressing $5
  3. strip loin of beef, parsnip puree $15
  4. lamb ribs, thai chili sauce $13
  5. smoked mackerel, sauerkraut, black garlic $12
  6. pork hocks, kimchi $12
  7. sticky toffee pudding, creme fraiche, in salted caramel $10

“poutine”, fried gnocchi, braised horse meat, cheese curds

One of the very popular dishes at Beast, according to the waitress, to start the meal!!


fried pickles, ranch dressing

Just fried pickles, but the ranch dressing was *amazingly delicious* x3


strip loin of beef, parsnip puree, nora jus, fennel marmalade

The flavour and texture of the beef in this dish was somewhat new to us. It was like the beef was not beef at all!! Don’t know the reason, anybody who knows why, please let us know.


lamb ribs, thai chile sauce

One of the two dishes that we will definitely order again next time. Crispy lamb ribs were finger-licking great in Beast style thai chile sauce. You don’t smell lamb meat at all, it had just wonderful crispness on the outer side, and soft tender meats fell off the bones. Compared to pork hocks with kimchi shown below, this is a less sweet dish. YUM!


smoked mackerel, sauerkraut, horseradish, black garlic

Wanted to have some fish, but not ceviche or tartar style. So ordered smoked mackerel with black garlic sauce on top. Smoked mackerel could be expected to be fishy but the smoked mackerel dish at Beast had mild mackerel flavour well-combined with other ingredients. Very nice.


pork hocks, kimchi, candied peanuts

As “candied” made me imagine delicious sweetness on my tongue, this dish was relatively very sweet. Kimchi seemed to be rinsed, so it didn’t have its unique sour tangy taste nor hot pepper flakes on the surface at all, which went well with the salty & sweet sauce and CRISPY pork hocks. Suddenly remembered that we had ordered crispy pork at some other places several times, and it was crispy outside but dry inside along with unpleasant pork smell. But Beast crispy pork hocks didn’t even say on its menu “crispy” but had exceptionally light crispy outer texture and tender melting inside. And no smell. We’ll definitely ordered it again next time.


sticky toffee pudding, creme fraiche

As soon as I heard “sticky toffee” I didn’t need to wait until our kind waitress finished telling us the list of desserts. The generous amount of buttery sweet salted caramel sauce and a huge ball of toffee pudding was enjoyable in every spoonful. (I’m a big caramel lover, so it was a fantastic ending to the dinner.)

We will definitely come back to Beast to try more dishes. See you soon!

  • Tapa style
  • Accept reservations
  • Delicious from flavour highlights in each dish
  • Cozy atmosphere
  • Not too loud, good for talks on a date
  • Also very well-known for brunch

Date visited: April 26, 2013


96 Tecumseth St. Toronto, ON M6J2H1 

Beast on Urbanspoon


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