Starving Artist

Many popular restaurants in Toronto do not accept reservations. Starving Artist is not an exception, you’ll need to be ready to wait in line on any weekend brunch day (we waited for 40 minutes on Saturday; it is a small place). But waiting can be worthwhile when you get to have a surprisingly pleasant new food experience. Thanks to CV, one of dear family members who lives in Toronto, brunch at Starving Artist was delightful: for the first time, we had both waffles made of potato and waffles with caramelized bacons in them!

Here’s the menu:

And here’s what we had (please click any picture for bigger image):


Breakfast Benny ($11.5) + potato salad ($3)

Breakfast Benny: potato waffles, poached eggs, caramelized bacon, hollandaise sauce


Waffle bacon plus plus: we made a massive plate!

You can add to your plate anything you want from the menu.


mini waffles & fruit


Waffle Benny ($9)  plus potato salad ($3)

 Waffle Benny: mini waffles, poached eggs, caramelized bacon, hollandaise sauce

FS_starvingartist-9566 FS_starvingartist-9572

  • variety of waffle dishes to choose 
  • excellent waffles
  • try potato waffles & waffle bacon!
  • sandwich options available
  • patio available

Starving Artist

584 Lansdowne Avenue 
Toronto, ON 647-342-5058

Mon – Sun 9 am – 6 pm 

Starving Artist on Urbanspoon


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