Abu Elias


Filet mignon

Abu Elias is a butcher shop run by Lebanese family, grilling fresh meat on site. You can get some quality hummus, tabouleh, manakish and Lebanese picked veggie in a jar. Also they have Lebanese baked good but haven’t bought them there yet. Most popular item is shish taouk sandwiches. The pictures shown here is what we had on a sunny Sunday afternoon.






My love falafels

Falafels are 50 cents each, I can’t get enough of’em always 🙂


Braised lamb & rice with roasted almonds

Daily special changes, and a must-try because they are so good! $3 small; $6 medium; $10 large


They start grilling your meat once the order is in. FRESH

But you have to wait for 15-20 min to get the sandwich usually because it takes time to cook the meat over hot charcoals. So order on the phone and pick up. That way you don’t need to wait. Also you can pick up a meat platter (chicken, filet mignon, kafta, etc.) for $25-30 per kilo. We sometimes pick up large amount of delicious freshly grilled meat for parties. It’s an ultimate crowd-pleaser.

Abu Elias 514-747-7754

733 Boulevard De La Cote-Vertu 
Saint-Laurent, QC

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