Restaurant Le St-Urbain

It’s the second visit to Le St-Urbain (this time with my BF), this restaurant seems to be all about the combination of great flavour (their great sauces), texture (cooking for right amount of time & heat = well-executed) & temperature (care & skills) of each ingredient. We’re not at all established professionals, but, after all those fun eating-outs so far, we could tell that the temperature of each dish was just about right perfectly for enhancing flavours. That’s right, everything was superb. You’re about to see why in detail from now on.


Parmesan milk to start.

Have you guys made grilled cheese at home?? Ooey gooey cheese is great, but the best part is actually crispy crunch caramelized cheese on the pan. We had that exact flavour in this spoonful of warm milk graciously made with Parmesan.


Bone marrow and escargots.

You know what I really liked about this dish? Of course it was about deliciously cooked snails and bone marrow but the surprising part was a spinach bed underneath each bone marrow (wilted, maybe blanched first, so quite a lot of spinach was there) with the delectable sauce (Bourguignon) at the bottom.

Why do we love and try to eat more spinach? Click here:


Grilled brioche for the bone marrow.

Slightly sweet, soft fresh brioche went really well with the bone marrow, snails, spinach, and the sauce.

Several kinds of bread were offered to the table depending on the dish you ordered (we thought), from La Bête à pain, Le St-Urbain’s bakery. I don’t know if you guys remember my post on La Bête à pain in FB, once you taste any kind of baked goods from La Bête à pain, you’ll be instantly hooked by the quality.


Assorted mushrooms.

First bite surprised us for its uniquely delicious sauce and the texture of the asparagus & dill (?) on top.

Can you see the big mushroom in the middle somewhere under the greens in the picture? When cooking mushrooms, it is quite difficult to not overcook or undercook them especially when it’s big. But the huge St-Urbain mushroom was amazing for that.


Perfect duck magret with white & green asparagus, Kai-lan (Chinese vegetable), and truffle. Tasted hint of Hoisin sauce. No word is necessary, everything was perfectly cooked and delicious.


Smoked lamb shoulder with fennel & green pea puree, multiple color carrots.

The flavour of the meat was again distinctive along with slightly pickled (?) tangy multicolor carrots. Fantastic sauce. It was so good that we almost cried 😉


And wonderful frasier. So pretty, well-made. La Bête à Pain for the birthday cake spot!

Le St-Urbain

96, Fleury ouest
Montreal, QC

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