Boucherie Lawrence

“A neighbourhood butcher shop offering locally and respectfully raised meat, charcuterie and sandwiches, as well as dairy, eggs and more from small independent producers.”

Stopped by here for sandwiches on weekend, but this is a place for drooling cuts of meat, deli, and etc. which we’ll try soon for weekend brunch or meaty Friday 😉


Tried both Porchetta and Sausage & smoked liver sandwich. Couldn’t love the buns more, beautiful pickles in the middle went fantastic with cold cut meat & condiments. LOVE.


Sausage and smoked liver sandwich.
Quiet all the way until the last bite!


Scotland oat cake. Buttery delicious. Had another one after this!


Pepperoni. Delicate soft chewy and SPICY! Something different than normal pepperoni we get elsewhere.

And of course, we’re a big fan of Lawrence food!

Boucherie Lawrence

5237 Saint Laurent Boulevard
Montreal, QC

Boucherie Lawrence on Urbanspoon


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