CSI Coffee Pub

Hi everyone! Do you guys like to discover indie cafes serving coffees with care? We found a beautiful, spacious & comfy spot, CSI Coffee Pub, when we were in Toronto! 🙂

FB_csicoffee-1097 FB_csicoffee-1106 FB_csicoffee-1110

He was a nice friendly barista!

FB_csicoffee-1111 FB_csicoffee-1113 FB_csicoffee-1115

They serve Merchants of Green Coffee.


Ahhh iced coffee was delicious.

CSI Coffee Pub only uses organic local milk (Harmony) for your latte. Organic stevia is also available on the table, instead of sugar.

FB_csicoffee-1122 FS_csicoffee-1130

Capp was too hot for the day of extreme heat nonetheless good!


Relaxing big comfy couches everywhere. We could take a good rest for about an hour, after intense heat exposure on that day.


We were resting right here..


CSI Coffee Pub

720 Bathurst Street
Toronto, ON M5S 2R4
Neighbourhood: Palmerston


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