Kwality Indian restaurant

Found out last night that they overcharged $1 for each dish, $3 for a small Indian dessert that we didn’t order! The guy who seemed like an owner said “I made this for you” with nice smile, so thought it was on the house! Is this real?! Food was good, didn’t mind their slow service (it’s small family run resto), but this is unacceptable. Felt something’s weird when heard the total price (had to go pay at the cashier because he never came out of the kitchen). Seriously.. Glad that we asked for the bill & the menu (he was slightly hesitant) even after payment to figure this out (at home). The menu says any order includes naan or rice, but we paid for them. Feeling aweful about having given good tip when he asked “how much tips (would you like to add on the bill)?” This can’t happen.

Also, anyone wants to pay $1.50 + tax ($3 for two on a plate) for one gulab jamun? or was it another type of rip-off? Guess that’s why all the tables were empty except two including ours.


2013-07-16 10.16.59 2013-07-16 10.16.43

FB_kwality-1821 FB_kwality-1824-2 FB_kwality-1833 FB_kwality-1839 FB_kwality-1842 FB_kwality-1847-2 FB_kwality-1852 FB_kwality-1855 FB_kwality-1860 FB_kwality-1868 FB_kwality-1871


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