Hello everyone! Here’s what we enjoyed at Pastaga of Chef Martin Juneau, a winner of the Gold Medal Plates 2010! 🙂 The menu included 10 small dishes ranging from $14.5 to $18, all the dishes we tried had distinctive flavours from the fresh ingredients: absolutely gorgeous presentation and delicious in an elegant way. (*Tastymontreal’s thought*: this is a spot for a nice first date to impress your date without breaking the bank.) Pastaga must be the place to re-visit for our getting to know better the taste of culinary delights. We’ll be back soon!

FB_pastaga-1928 FB_pastaga-1935 FB_pastaga-1954 FB_pastaga-1959 FS_pastaga-1963 FB_pastaga-1975 FB_pastaga-1987 FB_pastaga-1995 FB_pastaga-2000 FB_pastaga-2011




6389 St Laurent Blvd  Montreal, QC H2S 3C3
(438) 381-6389

Pastaga on Urbanspoon


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