Cabane à sucre Au Pied de Cochon Sugar Shack Pommes/Apple Season 2013


Apple pie with foie gras: a generous slice of apple pie topped with apple marinated cheddar and seared foie gras.FB_cabanepdc-3651

Vegetable soup with chicken, pork, duck and sturgeon.


Time to get interactive with your salad!  A mesclun salad was presented to us still attached to their roots with a pair of scissors.  We were instructed to cut our own lettuce, which was already dressing on it, and then mix with sliced apples, pears and walnuts.


Next up we have cream of squash risotto with homemade chorizo and sautéed apples(keeping with the apple theme) all tossed inside a giant wheel of Parmesan cheese.

FB_cabanepdc-3679Onto the meat, lots of meat! The platter was composed of smoked meat, garlic sausage, pork loins, pork shoulder, mortadella, liver pancakes, pork feet, marinated pork tongue, apple coleslaw and potatoes.

FB_cabanepdc-3698Homemade baguette, onion bread and nut bread served with 6 types of cheese(Triple crème, Blue cheese, Hercules, Camembert, etc.): 2 from France and 4 from Québec.

FS_cabanepdc-3710Two flavor soft serve ice cream: squash and St-Ambroise black beer. A very good combination!

FS_cabanepdc-3717Wonderful squash cream mille-feuilles cake!

FB_cabanepdc-3721Apple cinnamon filled donuts wrapped in powdered sugar.

11382 rang de la Fresnière
J7N 2R9


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